Nectar Garden

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These are two 10x20 Paintings which you can either hang together or separately. 

I love translating the beauty of nature to the canvas, all the small, delicate details bring bold and impactful statements. You don't have to be big to be bold.

Bees are so important! Not only do I love bees for their sense of community and the beauty they create but they have become vital in many aspects of our day to day life. Honey and beeswax are amazing but this isn't the most important reason to protect the bees. We have to look after them as they take a major part in pollination which helps in the growth of many plants and crops! This painting represents that as humans we are an essential puzzle piece in the protection of these fuzzy creatures. Let's be gentle to their habitats, help them when they need and give them a home to live. 

I have also added the forget-me-not flower so that we remember to always help protect them.

This is a mixed media paining using graphite, acrylic paints and primarily oil paints. I love a bit of sparkle in my life so have added beautiful bead embroidery to embellish the painting.